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Satellite finder digital

KSh 8,000.00

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1. 100% and high quality.

2. This digital satfinder is microprocessor controlled ,reliable and accurate.

3. Signal strength is presented graphically on the LCD-display in form of thermometer-scales and in number(0-99).

4. It can also present pitch tones (the higher tone the better signal ) on a buzzer.

5. The digital satfinder is very sensitive and can detect the weakest of signals ,strong incoming signals can be easily be attenuated for better readout.


1. Input frequency: 950-2150MHz

2. Input level min.: -40dBm

3. Input level max.: -10dBm

4. Input impedance: 750hm,F-connector

5. Output impedance: 750hm,F-connector

6. Power Supply: for DC 13-18V

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