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Electrolytic Capacitor

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105°C Axial Aluminium Capacitor features a safety vent construction design. Suitable for a variety of purposes, it is commonly used for communication equipment applications and for switching power supply.
Power rating ranging from 6.3v to 450v available for you
Capacitance ranging from 1uf to 15000uf

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1μF, 2.2μF, 3.3μF, 4.7μF, 5.6μF, 6.8μF, 10μF, 33μF, 47μF, 56μF, 68μF, 82μF, 100μF, 120μF, 150μF, 220μF, 330μF, 470μF, 560μF, 680μF, 1000μF, 2200μF, 3300μF, 4700μF, 6800μF, 10,000μF, 15,000μF


6.3v, 10v, 16v, 25v, 35v, 50v, 63v, 80v, 100v, 160v, 200v, 250v, 350v, 400v, 450v


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