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6.5mm jack stereo (mic jack)

KSh 30.00KSh 50.00

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Lightweight Plastic Construction
Strain Relief
Nickel Plated

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Looking for a 6.5 mm jack plug?
This cable is used to extend the microphone service life of your radio, DVD player receiver, or other electronic devices with an audio jack plug.
Used as a replacement for the old, damaged, or broken one with this audio cable to connect to your device.
This adapter is not impedance matching or the original mm jack plug is standard. This product is a connector for the stereo microphone, with an RCA interface, it can be used to connect your subwoofer boom box line and other audio interfaces to achieve surround sound effects.
Audio adapter with a square stereo head, for mm jacks. This cable can convert your headphone for the audio device to an analog signal, and then connect the other end of the adapter to your headphone jack’s display or projector. For the professional musician, audio player, speakers, microphone, computer speakers, and other devices with an RCA jack, plug, and play. This adapter enables you to split your individual stereo speakers with single RCA jacks and one male headphone jack.



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