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12V 5A Adapter ac/dc

KSh 600.00

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Specifications:Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz.Output: 12V,5AColour: Black.Charging Protection: overcharge, over-current, high-voltage protection.Security Compatibility: intelligent adaptive output current.Properties: New.
Applies to: TVs, LED, LCD, Plasma, security equipment, liquid crystal displays, LED lighting, communications equipment, audition products, digital products, instruments and other products.
Instructions for use:Please accurately calculate the total power of the device, to avoid the use of full load power, generally 20% of the equipment left margin, as the load of the motor must be selected with more than two times greater than the power supply device, to ensure instant start not burn out the power .For long continuous use, keep 50% of the power margin to ensure the safe and stable supply of work.Please confirm before use if size and polarity DC power plug your devices with the same.This product is a standard DC plug outer diameter of the inner diameter of 5.5mm * 2.5mm universal polarity is the positive / negative outside.Keep dry and ventilated environment, avoid hot and humid.
Package:1 x12V 5A power supply adapter

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