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How to use a stepdown Transformer? How it works?​

How to use a stepdown Transformer? How is work?

A stepdown transform is a type of transformer that converts voltage.
A stepdown transformer takes the voltage from a primary coil and steps it down to a lower value, usually 120 volts. The secondary coil is at this lower voltage and can be used to power devices such as lights, stoves, refrigerators, and other home appliances.

A stepdown transformer can be used to reduce voltage from 220 volts to 120 volts or from 110 volts to 100 volts. This is achieved by using two coils of wire wound around an iron core, with the primary winding carrying high voltage and the secondary winding carrying low voltage.

A stepdown transformer is essential for the use of many electrical appliances in the United Kingdom, as many products sold in the UK are designed to run on 120 volts and therefore require a stepdown transformer.

For anyone who has purchased or imported an Ex-uk or Ex-us appliance. DO NOT connect to the power or else say Bye bye to the appliance.

Every appliance has a different power rating therefor require one suitable for the appliance. In order to know how many watts you need, all you need is to do simple math. 

How to calculate watts needs

n order to calculate watts, the voltage should be multiplied by the current.

The equation for calculating power is as follows:

P = I * V

P = Power in Watts

I = Current in Amps

V = Voltage in Volts

Next time you are making a purchase for your stepdown transformer , have the watts calculated to avoid getting low powered transformer

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