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Where to buy electronic components in Kenya?

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Universal offers tools for electronics workshops, DIY, and STEM education. Unique kits let you build a Raspberry Pi-powered robot, create a weather-forecasting device, or learn to sew. Whether you’re making your own Arduino

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Electronic components are globally used in many industries. They are mostly used in computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices. These include processors, capacitors, and transistors. Kenya is among the countries that have been using these components for a very long time.


Kenya has had a very significant role in global electronics manufacturing with companies like Intel which operates the largest semiconductor factory on the continent. And international companies like Seagate Technology which operates one of the world’s largest hard drive manufacturing plants in Kenya.
Kenya’s contribution to the global electronics industry is still on the rise since there are new investments coming into this sector from various multinational companies around Africa and other parts of the world.

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